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Opinion and meditation. Essays are written by priests, religious, lay people, anyone with some insight and inspiration to offer. Please use the table of contents below or browse through the list farther down to find something interesting.

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Pope John Paul II and The Church

Archbishop Marcel Gervais

Fr. Arthur Joseph

Father Thomas Wells

Father Bob Papi

Catherine Fournier


Doug McManaman


Catherine Doherty

Advent and Christmas

  • † Hospitality of the Heart by Catherine Doherty On the eve of the holiday season, it's good to remember what hospitality really is and reflects...
  • † Prayer: The Cry of a Child by Catherine Doherty. A meditation on the mystery of Advent and the Incarnation.
  • † The Icon of the Person by Father Bob Papi. The naming of a child involves more than choosing something that 'sounds nice.'
  • † Donkey Bells by Catherine Doherty. A meditation on Christmas.
  • † Babies, Blessings and Chocolates by Shelley Lembke. Shelley writes about the great gift of children to marriage, and the many inconsistencies in our society's attitudes towards pregnancy, pre-born children and children in the family.

Advent and Christmas Inspired Poetry


Lent and Easter

  • † A Father's Letters Of Love To His Priest Sons by Father Bob Papi. From his first Holy Thursday as pope, Pope John Paul has written a letter to his brother priests who are first of all his priest sons. In each letter he has encouraged, instructed, challenged, comforted,always revealing his own profound love of the priesthood, his priestly joy, speaking from the very depths of a heart completely at the service of all.
  • † The Pope's Recent Apologies by Monsignor Thomas Wells. The Holy Father shows us the way to forgiveness.
  • † Baptism and Community by Monsignor Thomas Wells Why 'community' is important to Catholic worship. How our parish fulfills that role and need.
  • † Lenten Fasting by Catherine Doherty.
  • † If Jesus Came to Your House by Lois Blanchard Eades. What would you do?

Saint Joseph the Worker

Assumption and Queenship of Mary

Angels and Archangels