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Incarnational stories - the stories we tell each other about how faith has acted in our lives - bring the Gospels to life. These large or small incidents reveal how God works in our lives help us grow in faith, recount the 'teaching moments' God has offered us, and share our inspiration and encouragement.

Tell Us a Story!

Tell us how you the teachings of the Church have acted in your life, what moment suddenly made the Gospels ring true and clear. If someone asked; "Have you ever seen a miracle?" or "What makes the sacraments important to you?" What would you tell them? Share your family's wisdom (and foolishnesses) with the other Domestic Church readers. Thank you!

Stories by Title

†A Beautiful Woman
†A Child's Angel
†A Child's Christmas at Home
†A Day in Catholic Marriage
†An eight-year old explains God
†A Ragged Bunch & a Motley Crew; Chapter 1
† Chapter 2;      † Chapter 3
† Chapter 4;     † Chapter 5
† Chapter 6;     † Chapter 7
† Chapter 8;      † Chapter 9
† Chapter 10;     † Chapter 11
† Chapter 12;     † Chapter 13
† Chapter 14;     † Chapter 15
†A Saint Anthony Story
†A Visit From the Christ Child
†A Wedding in the Family
†And Rachel Mourned
†The Black Horse
†Blessed are the Pure of Heart
†Bread Instead of Stones
†Building a Skating Rink
†Calling Cards From Heaven
†Christmas in a Barn
†Christmas in Cologne, 1918.
†The Culture of Life Triumphs Amidst Hopeless Odds
†Ectopic Myopic
†Five Little Souls in Heaven
†Flight Into Egypt
†For Always
Football and The Rosary
†Give Me Children
†Golden Christmas Slippers
† The Hail Mary of a Protestant
†The House at Ephesus
†The House That Love Built
†A Hint for Next Christmas,
†I've learned...
†I Will if I Have To, but Please Don't Ask Me (My Gethsemane)
†It Started With Noticing the Inconsistencies
†Karate and Fathering
†The List
†The Lord Looks at the Heart
† Lost in the Laundry
† Medjugorje and Me
† A Miracle of Advent Candles
†Miracle through the intercession of Mary
†My Pink T-Shirt †Never Underestimate
†Our Little Therese
†Our Life With NFP
†Pay Attention to the Lord!
†The Pilgrim's Story
†Plucked from the Fire
†The Power of A Book
† A Promise Fulfilled.
†Questioning Funerals
†Quietly Running Taps
†Showing Us The Way
†Scripture as Truth: Learning James 1:17
†The Test
†Treasures That Don't Tarnish
†Winter Coats
†Why I Have So Many Kids.

Advent and Christmas

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  • Calling Cards From Heaven by Julie Ann Warth-Brown
    A woman's love of antique holy cards images leads her to a very special vocation.
  • Flight Into Egypt by Catherine Fournier
    A story of family adventure, faith journeys and God's Providence even when unexpected.
  • Blessed are the Pure of Heart by Alexa S.
    A widow's tale of her husband's life and happy death.
  • Our Life With NFP by James and Ellie Hrkach
    A short story revealing that living with NFP really isn't as hard as some would have us believe.
  • Why I Have So Many Kids. by Catherine Fournier.
    My conversion story. In it, I relate how through the growth of my family, my understanding and appreciation of the Catholic faith and my vocation in it, also grew.
  • A Saint Anthony Story by Loretta O'Donovan.
    A humorous account of how Saint Anthony helped find a faithful woman the husband she had prayed for.
  • The House That Love Built, by Geraldine Hertz.
    A wonderful story of how a family worked hard and made a dream come true - and learned what dreams are for at the same time.
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Lent and Easter

  • Pay Attention to the Lord! by Victoria Ann Noel.
    A teacher tells of an unexpected result of prayer.
  • Lost in the Laundry by Maria Peceli
    who tells how laundry helps her learn her true tasks in life.
  • The Culture of Life Triumphs Amidst Hopeless Odds, by Kelly Bowring
    A husband and wife tell the story of their daughter's short life and death due to an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Ectopic Myopic by James Hrkach
    A counter article in response to 'The Culture of Life Triumphs Amidst Hopeless Odds' by Kelly Bowring (listed above.)
  • Five Little Souls in Heaven by Ellie Hrkach
    A story about the loss of miscarriage, the joy of children, and the growth in following God's will.
  • I Will if I Have To, but Please Don't Ask Me.(My Gethsemane) by Catherine Fournier
    How I learned, yet again, to relinquish my whiteknuckled grip on control and trust God.
  • The Power of A Book by Rhynnah S. Bayne
    A conversion story telling of the persistence of God.
  • Winter Coats by Catherine Fournier.
    A story of the joy and satisfaction we gain while teaching our children about the sacraments - especially Confession.
  • Our Little Therese by Pat Callahan.
    A wonderful story of an adoption, and of the adventure and power of prayer.
  • And Rachel Mourned by Marianna Bartold.
    A story of a homebirth without a happy ending. This is also a story of the mistakes we can make when we trust our human nature and understanding too much, and God's too little.
  • Never Underestimate by Unknown.
    A story about love, learning what it is and its power.
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Saint Joseph the Worker

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Assumption and Coronation of Mary

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Angels and Archangels