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Let's face it! When I glance in my spiritual morror, am I all that I should be in life? Is Mary, the ideal wife and mother, pleased with the person reflected in my looking glass?

  1. Have I taught my children their morning and night prayers by praying with them and not just listening to their prayers?
  2. Have I taken my children to Church, sent them to religion classes and shown an interest in their school tasks and teachers?
  3. Are my children interested in reading because I provide good books for our home?
  4. Have I corrected the faults of the children especially stubbornness, selfishness, disobedience, and untruthfulness.
  5. Have I been supervising the use of the radio, television, and the reading of my children, or are they at times exposed to trashy programs and unwholesome literature?
  6. Have I been checking the records and tapes of my family and the movies they watch at home or away from home?
  7. Have I kept watchful eyes on the companions of my children, especially the older children, whether at home or away from home?
  8. Have I taught my growing girls to be ladylike by insisting that their attire be feminine rather than boyish?
  9. Have I permitted my sons or daughters to date too young in life? To go "steady" with no prospect of marriage in the near future?
  10. Have I been teaching my children the value of a dollar and the wisdom of saving for the future in the face of American wastefullness and the lack of economic preparation for marriage?
  11. Do I try to mention items of a religious nature in my remarks, or is the family conversation limited to the movies, sports, styles, television, and the weather?
  12. Have I used unbecoming language, cursed or abused the children in anger?
  13. Would I be willing to have all my stories, jokes, conversations and expressions recorded?
  14. Is there too much noise and not enough thinking and praying in my life because the radio or television is on most of the day?
  15. Am I or my daughters a menace to the purity of men and boys because of wearing short shorts, or other clothes that are too tight, too sheer, or too revealing?
  16. Have I tried to be a source of encouragement and inspiration to my husband?
  17. Have I tried, as far as possible, to be neat in my appearance when my husband comes home from work? Are the children clean and presentable?
  18. Have I impaired the authority of my husband with the children regarding obedience?
  19. Have I belittled him before the children or friends by revealing his faults?
  20. Have I been adding to divorce and delinquency problems by being unnecessarily employed full-time away from home?
  21. Have I studied about the misuse of drugs and worried that teenagers say to adults: "You have drinks, we have drugs"?
  22. Have I forgotten that my first obligation in marriage is to be a good wife and mother? Am I trying to Christianize our community by taking an active interest in parish, civic and political affairs?(Taking too much time and energy away from my family)
  23. Why do I fear the remarks of other women more than the judgement of God, when, if I have children they criticize me and if I do not have children they criticize me?
  24. On judgement day, when God opens the book at my account, what will be to my credit: automobiles, appliances, clothes, checking accounts, or my children?
  25. Am I the type of mother-in-law who is helpful yet stays on the outer edge and does not meddle into family affairs?

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