Sacraments and Sacramentals

Peter Fournier and Catherine Fournier

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Meditations, and information about the seven sacraments along with advice and information about preparing children for participation in the sacraments. Sacramentals - those devotions that prepare us to receive actual graces are also discussed and described here.

† Basic Prayers

† Our Father
† Hail Mary
† Apostle's Creed
† Nicene Creed
† Gloria
† Hail, Holy Queen
† Magnificat

Though there's still lots to add, we've gathered quite a large collection of articles about the sacraments and sacramentals. It's now too long a list to scroll, so I've created the contents table below. You can just click on the category you want to zip to that section of the page. (More submissions are welcome!)

The Sacraments


  • Quiz on the sacraments by William Redic
    A very interesting quiz to test your knowledge. Quiz your friends and children.


  • Guidebook for Baptism by Father Luis Esteban Latorre.
    Twenty-one Questions and Answers, complete rite of Baptism. Everything you'll need to ensure an orthodox valid baptism.
  • Baptism -It's Promises by John Pacheco
    The apologetics of this sacrament.
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Communion/Eucharist/The Mass

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Holy Orders

  • Why Women Can't be Priests. by Catherine Fournier
    A brief discussion and apostolic letter answering this persistent contentious subject. There is much more that can be said on this topic, we offer an 'opening discussion' here, nothing more. Further comment is welcome.
  • God Calls Everyone by Maggie Geene.
    A vocational article for youth explaining what vocation is, and suggesting some ways to discern a vocation.

Anointing of the Sick: Extreme Unction, also known as: Last Rites and Funerals

  • Planning a Catholic Funeral by Father Ray Rick and Monseigneur Pat Byrne.
    Help from a priest with the Catholic understanding of death and the various parts of the Catholic funeral ritual.
  • Christian Burial by a Ukrainian Catholic priest.
    An explanation of the ceremonies and stages of a Christian burial.
  • Questioning Funerals by Kathy Stewart. A mother tells of her young daughter's encounter with funeral traditions.
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The Rosary and other Marian Devotions

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Sacramentals of Protection


  • Christmas Blessings by Catherine Fournier
    Blessing the Creche, Enthroning the Christ Child, Blessing the Christmas Tree.
  • Earliest Novena & Greater Antiphons by Catherine Fournier
    An Advent Novena, the earliest novena known, and a Christmas Novena to follow.
  • The Advent Wreath by Catherine Fournier
    Another family devotional activity.
  • The Jesse Tree by Catherine Fournier
    A simple but rich and powerful family devotional for Advent.