RTFM: A Young Man's Response to the Pro-Choice World.

Andrew Fournier

Okay morons, enough of this nonsense. If I have one more ignorant, red-necked, blind-beyond-the-end-of-their-flipping-nose person (wow! gender inclusive language from a Catholic) tell me that my church and my religion is bad, I will, quite literally, scream.

The sheer number of people (gender inclusive - again!!!) who feel obliged to 'inform' me that the Catholic Church is against women boggles the mind. Apparently, Catholicism is bad because we say that abortion is murder. Really. You don't say. Saying that abortion is bad is denying the 'rights of the woman'? Well, well, well.

Let me clear one tiny point up, silly people. We do not intend to 'deny the rights of the women' but to assert the rights of the fetus. Fetuses don't have rights because they're not people? You show me one significant medical difference between a 7 month old unborn fetus, and a 7 months old preemie, and I will eat both of my hats.

So, the Catholic Church is bad, evil, unworthy and low because we say that contraceptives should not be used. And why precisely should contraceptives be used? I can see plenty of results of the widespread use of contraceptives. One of these is the increase in teenage pregnancy rates. Why do the rates increase? Because the poor little kids don't know how to use the contraceptives properly? NO. The pregnany rates increase with the use of contraceptives because the contraceptives are exactly that. If I lost any 'adults' on that last sentence, go look up 'contra.' Yeesh.

I don't mind people saying that the Catholic Church is wrong. As a matter of fact, I get quite a thrill out of arguing with people who know what they're talking about, have done the research and prepared their arguments.

What I don't like are the hordes of glassy-eyed space-brains mindlessly regurgitating the dumbed-down anti-Church pulp from the popular media. Try something for me. Watch the news. Watch until there is something about and against pro-life. Then, (and this is the hard part, because it means using that thing inside your head - yes, say Hello to your brain) for the next few days focus your attention on what you hear from the people around you about religion. If you're feeling clever and adventurous, you will be able to trace the very phrases used directly back to … the media!

What a great labour saving device the media is. It tells us what to say and how to think, all praise to the media. (Enter animal sacrifices and bowing worshippers - did someone say pagan? or was that New Age?)

My point is this. If you're going to hold an opinion, at least make it an informed opinion. If it's not informed, then it's not really your opinion and you have no right to hold it. That last sentence may be a bit complex for the average TV viewer, so I'll rephrase it. RTFM, OR DON'T ARGUE.

Thanks, for reading, we'll now return to the regularily scheduled programming.

Editor's Note: RTFM in computer-expert lingo means 'Read The F__ Manual'. Someone puts a lot of work into writing those manuals. If you have a problem, you should read it. Sounds a bit like the Magesterium, doesn't it?

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