Stewardship in the Home

Peter Fournier and Catherine Fournier

We are stewards of all God's creation, including our bodies and our homes. Organization and planning helps us carry out this responsibility of stewardship more easily. Stewardship involves making efficient use of our resources including money. This is what's wrong with 'materialism' - it's an abuse of stewardship.

The material in this section of Domestic-Church.Com will form the heart of the final book in our series "Liturgical Seasons for the Domestic Church" entitled: Food for the Domestic Church.I'll add to this part of the site while writing that book, adding more recipes, organizational tips and planning advice. What is here now, is really only a skeleton of what's possible (and what I want to say on the subject) In the meantime, I've added a table of contents to make it easier to browse through what is here now.




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Maintenance and Organization

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Contingency Planning



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