Domestic Church Links

Peter Fournier and Catherine Fournier

We have compiled these lists of links in the hope that you find them useful, that we point you towards something or somewhere that you might not have thought of, that it makes it easier for you to find the information you need to carry out the work or building your domestic church.

Apologetics and Catechesis.

To inform us about our faith and help us as we live in the world and be its light.

Links to 'Like'

Links to other pages with information useful to building a domestic church. Homeschooling, things to buy, families, resources.

Interesting Links for Kids.

Fun science sites, recipes and magazines to interest children and keep them busy and learning.

Reciprocal Links

A growing list of people and organizations that have linked our page to theirs. The focus and subject matter of these sites is quite varied. The only common factor is that they are linked to us.

Other Catholic Links

This is a list (in alphabetical order) of people and organizations who have been kind enough to contact Domestic-Church.Com informing us of their site. It's quite a diverse collection, we hope you find it enjoyable.

To get you started: Customizable Catholic Homepage

From An interesting idea - why not start each browsing session on the "right" track?

An extensive site of information and opinion. Great resources links table! provides a wide listing and search service of Roman Catholic websites. An excellent resource. Not all links are Catholic or currently active.