A Catechism Cube

by Monica McConkey

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Step One:

For each Catechism Cube, cut out 6 large squares out of construction paper. It works well if each square is a different colour. The squares must be of equal size (4", 6" or 8".)

With each square, fold all four corners into the centre, allowing a consistent 1/8" gap in between adjacent folded edges. Ensure that the square is creased well at these folds. Fold the corners back to reveal the full square.

First - Fold
Write the categories

Record on the centre of each square a different CATHOLIC CATEGORY title.

On the same side of the paper, record the corresponding answers throughout the four (creased) corners. (Most corners will have 2 or more answers.)

Step Two:

Begin gluing each of the four folded corners of A
to a folded corner of a different remaining square (B, C, D and E).
Step One
Step Two

When B,C,D and E are secured by their folded corners to the A, begin joining B, C, D and E by gluing together adjacent folded corners. As these sides are connected, the shape of the cube will emerge.

Complete the cube by gluing the remaining square (F) by the folded corners to the remaining unglued corners of B,C,D and E.



For a JAMMED-PACKED CATECHISM CUBE, record 4 different CATHOLIC CATEGORIES on each square. List each CATEGORY just below the crease of the corner (within the centre square). Record the complete list of answers above the crease on the matching corner.

Add more categories for more challenge

More Ideas:

Possible CATHOLIC dcc_categories: Sacraments, Gifts, Virtues, Charisms, Capital Sins, Spiritual / Corporal Works of Mercy, Fruits, Apostles, Dolors of Virgin Mary, Choirs of Angels, Commandments, Precepts of the Church, Joyful / Glorious / Sorrowful Mysteries

How to Play:

Sit in a circle and toss the cube lightly and randomly to each other. The person who catches the CUBE reads out the first CATHOLIC CATEGORY title he sees when he catches it. As the others try to call out the answers, the reader can check them with the answers written on the adjacent corner(s).

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