A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families

Peter Fournier and Catherine Fournier

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has gone to print!!

Now there is a Comprehensive Catholic Companion to help families celebrate the ENTIRE Liturgical Calendar! This 299 page, fully illustrated book offers ideas for activities and crafts to celebrate the various Seasons and Feast Days and actively explore our rich Faith ALL YEAR ROUND!

Take the opportunity THIS SUMMER to exercise the minds of your children with suggested activities for CATHLETICS, a whole range of games and activities to learn basic Catechism, found within the Ordinary Time section!

A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families offers ideas for activities, crafts and recipes to help families celebrate the various Seasons and Feast Days of the year. With fun-filled activities, we can build our own family traditions while passing on the richness of our Catholic Faith.

Guided by the Liturgical Calendar, the book journeys through the Seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and the 2 spans of Ordinary Time. The months of the secular calendar are woven in, providing the context for Feasts and monthly Devotions. Saints are introduced as their Feast Days occur, offering details and legends about their lives and providing suggestions for family activities surrounding them.

Various sections within Ordinary Time suggest that this time can be anything but ordinary! A section entitled "Extraordinary Events in Ordinary Time" offers activities surrounding special events in family life (births, moving, Sacraments and "firsts"). A section entitled "Everyday in Ordinary Time" offers ideas for installing other family rituals to bring the family together and integrate the Catholic Faith into daily living. The summer months bring "Cathletics" (games and activities aimed to pass on basic Catechism) to Ordinary Time, while another section introduces simple prayers for children.

Suggested activities are intended to prompt families to actively practice their Faith, delving into Church celebrations and allowing these festivities to spill back into home life.

"A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families" by Monica McConkey
299 pages, 8.5"x5.5" spiral bound (handy cookbook style!), fully illustrated.

$19.95 U.S. +$3.50 U.S. shipping and handling for U.S. orders.
$24.95 Can. +$2.00 Can. shipping and handling for Canadian orders.

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