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Reviewed by Catherine Fournier

For anyone who has ever flipped helplessly through the Bible, unsuccessfully searching for a passage you read just last week, or that you remember from the Gospel readings last year, Topic Tabs will prove a Godsend. For anyone faced with a questioning family member or challenging acquaintance wanting to know the Church's explanation for a particular teaching, Topic Tabs will help your evangalization and catechesis efforts.

They take some time to install - time during which you learn more about the Bible - but are well worth the investment. Complete, easy to follow directions explain each step of the process. Each packet contains a menu or guide, four tab sheets and a special exegisis insert to assist your using the reference marked by the tabs.

First, you glue (every piece is pre-pasted with peel and stick adhesive) a guide or menu into the frontispiece of your Bible. The ten color headings on the menu correspond to the ten colours and categories of tabs, which are then pasted onto the pages of your Bible. Each semi-circular tab has a category image on one half and a Scripture reference on the other. The tab is folded and stuck to the page, so that a small section protrudes from the page. For example; one of the black tabs for 'Mary and the Saints' with a small icon image of Mary on one side and 2Sam6:9 on the other protrudes from page 301 of our family Bible. A corresponding small black dot is then pasted next to verse nine, chapter six of the Second Book of Samuel, making each reference passage extremely easy to find.

The categories include:

  • Trinity/Holy Spirit (yellow with a Trinity or Dove icon)
  • Divinity of Christ (green with a Christ icon)
  • Mary and the Saints (black with a Mary or Saint icon)
  • Baptism (pale blue with a Jesus' baptism icon)
  • Bible Plus (violet blue with a Bible icon)
  • Pope, St. Peter (white with a JPII icon)
  • The Eucharist (violet with a monstrance icon)
  • Faith Plus (pink with a cupola icon)
  • Purgatory/Statues (peach tabs with a tower or Pieta icon)
  • Fathers/Celibacy/Confession (gray tabs with a father, lily or stole icon)

EDITOR'S NOTE: This information likely out of date. It will corrected ASAP. Created by The Norbertine Father of Orange,Inc. Topic Tabs are available from St. Joseph's Radio for $8.50. They can be ordered by fax, phone or by mail from:

St. Joseph Radio
1215 E. Chapman Ave.
Suite #3
Orange, CA 92866
Phone: 714-744-0336
Fax: 714-744-1998

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