So, what is a 'Domestic Church'?

Peter Fournier and Catherine Fournier

"The Christian family … can and should be called 'the domestic Church'"
(Familiaris Consortio, John Paul II, 1981)

"It will be their task to foster among the faithful a lively sense of solidarity, to favour a manner of living inspired by the Gospel and by the faith of the Church,... a true source of light and a wholesome leaven for other families." (Familiaris Consortio #72) This is the inspiration for Domestic-Church.Com, and our guide as we choose materials for inclusion in this web site.

It's a powerful idea. One that has the potential to transform your faith, and your family. We hope you have come to this site because this word, this idea, intrigues you and because you want to transform your family and home into a domestic church. We hope that Domestic-Church.Com will provide a way for each of you to discover the incarnated Christ, the fulfillment of the prophecy of your marriage ceremony and the promise of eternal life in your own homes and families.

We hope you find what you are looking for here. We plan, over time, to gather together resources and links; pass on the advice of experienced and learned people; examine relevant encyclicals; present family-tested activities and crafts; review books, movies, and educational institutions; open and encourage discussion of the millions of issues facing Catholic families today; supply references and materials; share stories and humour; and transform society, one domestic church at a time.

It'll take time. Of course, we still need your help too. We need to hear your stories, your ideas, your family traditions, your meditations and insights. Only by sharing, and building together will our domestic churches restore our culture and society. Please be patient, visit often and contribute what you know, so we all can learn.