Saint's Day Party Ideas

contributed by Margaret Loesel

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We need to reclaim saint's days as holy days! Many of our local churches have put together some very clever parish parties structured very much like the Christ the King Party.

An All Saint's Day (November 1) party could use all these ideas for a parish children's fair, a home schooling group party or an elementary school fun day. Many of these ideas could be modified and adapted to suit the life story and symbols of another saint and used in a home name-day celebration.

Whether or not you award prizes is up to you, though children do like to come away with something for their efforts. It doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive; an apple, some penny candy, holy cards, or stickers would be happily received. Use your imaginations and have fun!

St. Isadore's Produce Roll

Kids rolled a pumpkin through an obstacle course made of traffic cones or chairs and labeled with temptations.

Knock Down the 7 Deadly Sins

This can be played as a variation on the traditional beanbag toss, with the holes labeled with the seven deadly sins. It can also be set up as a bowling game with plastic bowling pins, or empty pop bottles labeled with the seven deadly sins.

St. John Bosco's Basketball Toss

This game can either use a traditional gymnasium basketball net, a child's adjustable basketball set, or a set of bushel baskets arranged on the floor. If you're using bushel baskets on the floor, you could label them with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, or the Cardinal Virtues, or the Sacraments.

St. Peter's Fishing for Men

A standard fishing game, with fishing rods of dowels or yardsticks, with magnets attached to strings. The 'fish' are fish shaped pieces of cardstock with a paper clip attached for the magnet to grab. The fish could be labeled with the rewards of Heaven.

David and Goliath

The children use a ball of foil as a rock and try to hit Goliath in the head. He is like a scarecrow with a balloon for a head. You don't pop the balloon, just bobble it around. Every hit is a success for David.

St. Francis Xavier Missionary

Children board a boat to different lands (different areas on the course) and answer questions the pagans have about God (catechism questions). The missionaries are armed with a rosary and a crucifix. This was a hit at our parish party!

St. Christopher Race

Each participant carries a child on his back to safely reach the finish line. Larger children carry a smaller child, small children carry a large doll. Have the children race two by two as many times as they want.

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