Toronto Libraries Block Internet Pornography

Peter Fournier and Catherine Fournier

Every once in awhile someone does something to protect children.

TORONTO, April 18, 2000, ( - After public pressure and threats of charges by police, Toronto Public Libraries have agreed to block Internet pornography on computers in the children's section of libraries. The Toronto Star reported last week that porn filtering programs will be in place by May 1.

Libraries spokesman Syd Jones told the Star, "We felt a special responsibility to protect children and provide a safe and welcoming environment and age-appropriate material in children's departments." However, the Toronto Sun reported Sunday that police are threatening to press charges against public libraries that allow children to view pornography. The issue of whether even adults should be viewing pornography in public libraries has apparently not yet been seriously addressed.

Over a year ago Toronto police were shocked to learn of the number of libraries that refused to block access to Internet porn even in the children's section of the libraries. At that time, Kim Huntley, of the Toronto Public Library said "Anyone can view anything on the Internet as long as there's no complaints from anyone."

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