All Saint's Party Ideas

with thanks to Lori Nettles

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All Saint's Parties are a popular alternative to the traditional trick or treating observance of Hallowe'en with small monsters, demons, and popular movie characters traipsing around the neighbourhood. An All Saint's Party held in your home, or church basement is safer for both your children's physical and spiritual safety.

Basing the decorations and activities on an All Saint's and Bible theme makes the party interesting and fun for all, as well as a real teaching moment. Here are several ideas to use your next All Saint's party


Pinatas representing the seven deadly sins, loaded with goodies and toys hang from the ceiling around the room. Gluttony, of course, is empty. Hit the pinatas with the "stick of virtue" and explain the virtue that counteracts the sin. (For instructions to make a pinata, click here)

Fish Pond

This activity is always popular with the little ones. For your party make it a "Fisher of Men" pond, with a large cut out of Jesus sitting in aboat at the front of the pond. The child looks as though they are in the boat with Jesus as they fish out candy, holy cards and medals.

Bean Bag Toss

David 'slays' Goliath by tossing "stones" made out of pantyhose and cotton balls at a cut out Goliath with velcro across his forehead. If your stone hits the win!

Bobbing for Apples

This games is messy and messy the way it is usually played, with a tub of water. Hanging the apples with strings threaded through from a model tree is less messy and actually more difficult to catch the apple! Adam and Eve really had to think about disobeying God, it wasn't an accident.

Blindfold Game

"Pin the Halo on the Angel" is an obvious variation on "Pin the Tail on the Donkey."


If there is enough room, a 'Corporal Acts of Mercy' relay race has each player carrying an 'act of mercy' (an egg on a spoon, a glass of water, a ballon without using your hands) across the room to their team member

Parties usually involve goody bags but they will also have lots of stuff already from their winnings. It's lots of fun and the parents can relax and have cider and donuts.

Please write us and tell us your ideas and activities for an All Saint's Party.

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