First Communion or Confirmation Cake

by Laura Owens

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I designed this cake for my daughter's First Communion. It could be used for Confirmation celebrations too. Any religious holiday, actually.

It is in the shape of a Celtic Cross. You can make one large sheet cake and cut it into the shape, make a bunch of cupcakes or use loaf pans w/cupcakes.

Easiest option: Loaf pans and cupcakes.

Make the cake batter of your choice.

Fill three loaf pans half full and bake. Fill 12 cupcake tins half full. Bake according to cake recipe.

Arrange two of the loaf cakes together to make a straight line. Cut the other loaf cake in half and put pieces on either side of the straight line to make a cross.

Arrange the cupcakes to make a circle around the inner part of the cross. look at the diagram at the top of this article to get an idea of what I mean.

After it is arranged, you can slice off parts of the cakes to make it sit evenly on your plate.

I usually use a large piece of cardboard covered in aluminum foil. It gives a nice shine, is inexpensive and hold up well.

For variety, you could cover the foil with coloured plastic wrap.

Frost the cake in the colour of the liturgical season! You can write the name of the recipient across the arms of the cross in contrasting icing or add other decorations you like.

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