Liturgical Dressing Part Two: Hairnets.

compiled by Catherine Fournier

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Since Regina's article about liturgical dressing and Mary dresses appeared in Domestic-Church.Com, we've had a steady stream of letters expressing interest in the dresses and the hairnets. A pattern for the Mary Dress and related Mary Jumper will be available in the near future.

As for the hairnets, this recent correspondence explains it all:

A reader wrote: "Dear Regina, would you be interested in making some hairnets for me? I would gladly pay for your time, the materials, postage, etc. Please, please say yes! God bless you and yours, Judy."

Regina replied:
"Dear Judy;
I'm sorry, I can't. I've tried making them for others before, but the problem is that the material I used to make mine - cotton mesh - is unavailable any more. It was so much trouble trying to find it for the last person (and I couldn't find it, in the end) that it's better I refer you elsewhere. Thank you for your enthusiasm, though! I searched the Web and found the below resources. I'm actually thinking of ordering some snoods from one of the pages below myself (the polish page) since they seem to be cheap and well-made. Most of the pages are for Renaissance Reenactor types, incidentally. I hope these help you. God bless your day. Regina

For descriptions and good illustrations of snoods and hairnets:

To buy a hairnet very similar to the ones I make, you can check out:

For more resources: list of information and links about snoods and hairnets.

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