Easter Tree

by Sandy Partridge

Our Easter preparations include what I call our 'Easter Tree'. Our family finds it a very moving tradition, one that really helps us prepare our hearts for the Passion and Resurrection of Christ. I don't know who started this Easter devotion, I received it from a prayer circle I once belonged to.

We use a tree branch "potted" in plaster of paris and sprayed white. This is what we hang our Easter ornaments on. Whatever framework you use for the Jesse Tree could be used as well.

We start twelve days before Easter. There is a Scripture reading that precedes the hanging of the ornaments for that day. Our ornaments show the following images, you could also use the actual items listed.

  1. small palm trees or small branches (Reading: Matthew 21:1-11)
  2. small perfume sample bottles (Reading: John 12:2-8)
  3. "bread" made from salt dough and small chalices (Reading: Matthew 26:17-19)
  4. 30 silver coins (Reading: Matthew 27:3)
  5. small wooden cross (Reading: John 19:17)
  6. small crown of thorns (Reading: John 19:2)
  7. patches of burlap (Reading: John 19:23)
  8. 3 nails (Reading: John19:18, 37; John 20:25-29)
  9. small pieces of natural sponge (Reading: Matthew 27:34)
  10. small balls of cinnamon dough (Reading: John 19:40)
  11. small "round" stone (Reading: John 20:1)
  12. strips of white linen (Reading: John 20:6-7)

We usually do this along with reading of "The Vinegar Boy" by Alberta Hawse.

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