Learning the Fourth (and other) Commandment

by Robert Kisling

I am a Grade Three CCD teacher, and I am constantly looking for ways to illustrate the lessons to my class. Their young minds are open and usually eager to learn, I need to make sure that what I teach them is true, faithful to the Church and presented in such a way that they understand and retain the lesson.

An example of this is what I did to illustrate the Fourth Commandment. We are doing a 'section' on the commandments. I wanted something to give the children an example of how they could honour their father and mother.

After talking about the Fourth Commandment, I had my children decorate heart-shaped brownies with candy (each on received a freezer bag with a tiny amount of frosting to "glue" the candy onto the brownie). At first, they wanted to eat the brownies themselves, but I told them that they were making them for someone who loves them (particularly a parent, guardian or other adult who loves them). They were making something nice, and making a little sacrifice too (by not eating it) that would show the recipient their love and respect.

They first moaned and groaned, but there was plenty of leftover brownies and candies to satisfy their sweet-teeth (sweet-tooths??). So they got a reward for their sacrifice too.

I plan to repeat this activity again - next time to make a brownie for someone they don't get along with very well as kind of "love your enemy" exercise.

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