Examinations of Conscience For Adults

compiled by Catherine Fournier

Examination and Review for Housewives by Dom Hubert van Zeller

Even if today has been only routine, Lord, there is a great deal to be thankful for. With each successive day, You give me new graces, and for these I now give thanks. I give thanks, too, for having been spared the evils that might easily have come my way. I regret most sincerely the occasions when I neglected Your grace, and I hope, by the help of even more support from You, to make a better thing of tomorrow. Amen.

Examination of conscience Regarding God:

  • Have I tried sufficiently to pray - not have I succeeded, but have I tried sufficiently?
  • Have I been scornful, either before others or in my own thoughts, about the claims of God?
  • Have I been careful to show, when performing religious acts, that I really meant them?
  • Have I been ashamed of being a follower of Christ, hiding the evidences instead of proclaiming them?

Regarding others:

  • Have I hurt the feelings of others?
  • Have I made it easier for others to sin?
  • Have I lowered people's ideals?
  • Have I made it difficult for others to live up to their principles?
  • Have I, by criticism or bitterness or uncalled - for correction, lowered anyone's reputation in the eyes of others?
  • Have I been dishonest, getting something for nothing and so depriving another?

Regarding myself:

  • Have I been lazy - either leaving things undone or allowing someone else to do all the work?
  • Have I tried to attract admiration - sometimes dangerous admiration?
  • Have I been obedient not only to the letter but to the spirit of my vows as a wife?
  • Have I allowed myself to be dominated by my moods?
  • Have recreations and luxuries played too large a part in my day?
  • Have my self indulgences been immoderate?

Act of Sorrow

Lord, I hate having offended You by my sins, and I am bent upon uprooting the immediate causes of the evil I do.
I know that in order to uproot all the causes of my failure, I would have to go beyond this human life altogether; but so far as the occasions of sin go, I do mean, by the help of Your grace, to steer immediately and permanently clear of them.
If by my sins I have done a harm that can be remedied, I mean also to make restitution. Amen.

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