Letters to the Editor

Peter Fournier and Catherine Fournier

Dear Domestic Church,

I just tonight found your website and am just so pleased with it all. Have been there for over an hour, just reading and reading. I wanted to let you know that I think it is terrific. I am the Director of the Worship Center for the little ones at our church and have found so many helpful ideas and the information on Saints is a goldmine.

Have a blessed holiday and thanks again for doing such a great job. Joy & blessings,

Dear Domestic-Church.com:

I was looking for the catechetical meaning of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and happened on your site; I am a Roman Catholic priest who teaches religion in his parish high school but, today, I am going to the Meal Site in my mission parish to make a presentation.

I have downloaded the explanation from your site and have sent a link to the members of a list to which I belong. Your site is wonderful and I am glad to have discovered it.

(Father) Albert DeSanctis

I just spent the last few hours surfing the net, trying to find pictures of symbols to use on a Jesse tree, so I was thrilled to find your site. Thank you so much for sharing these with everyone. I can't wait to explore the site more thoroughly!

Have a blessed Advent!
Sharon Weil


I got your site from a Catholic Mother's list that i am on & i absolutely loved your site.

God Bless You Always & Forever,


I just wanted you to know that this is my favorite website! I visit it often, for the information you provide as well as to get links.
Thank you.
Kathi in AZ

I have visited your web page several times and given out the URL to it on various Catholic homeschooling lists I am on. I really appreciate what you are doing and hope you keep it up! I hope someday I will be able to help you in return for the help you have been to me and my family.

May the Holy Family bless you --

Willa (married to K in 1985, converted to Catholicism 1990, homeschooling since 1994, with 5 children on earth, 3 in heaven, and one due in June)

I looked up "Advent AND Children" and a bunch of your pages turned up. It hadn't occurred to me to look up religious things before. Sure, I got a lot of craft ideas for Halloween … all "traditional" pumpkins, bats, etc. I had to read your Halloween ideas a week late, unfortunately. I love the Saint Party idea.

I have 4 children … 3 of which go to a Catholic elementary school. I'm suprised at how few families utilize the wealth of tradition that surrounds our faith. You have filled me with ideas on ways to bring the Church home after Mass.

When my 2 girls were younger(they are 8 and 9 now), we had an old china Mary set out for them to pray to. They liked having a "special place" to pray. When they were 6 and 7 we got a cement Mary for the yard and the older one wanted a place to pray set up in the back yard. Unfortunately, one of their little brothers knocked her over, thus beheading her before she could be properly displayed. One day, probably after my 2 year old is older, we will restore her and place cement Mary in the back yard with a fountain or pond near her.

Until then, I'll keep reading your WONDERFUL pages. I've already printed out cross-word puzzles, the tablecloth thingie, angels to color(for my Girl Scout Troop to pass out at nursing homes), and the Jesse Tree pictures.



I am a Roman Catholic Homeschooler. I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading your site tonight. You have a lot of very creative ideas, and I look forward to sharing them with my friends.

God Bless you all, and your family!
Mother of 5, and one on the way.

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