Shopping With Toddlers

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I heard you say we are going shopping tomorrow. Now, there are some things about shopping I need to tell you. Sometimes, I wish you would hold your arms up in the air for about 30 minutes. That's how my arm feels when you hold my hand for so very long!

And you think YOUR feet hurt! I have to take three steps for every step you take. So, I've walked three times as much as you.

Sure, I want to go with you, but I can't judge time very well and I keep forgetting how long your shopping trips take. I am excited because we might buy something nice, but I get so tired, even when buying something fun.

Sometimes what is fun to me isn't for you. I get tired of waiting for you so I make up my own games. I like to play hide-and-seek behind the dresses and I look at all the other ladies trying on clothes, just to see what they look like. But you are always yelling at me when I do that.

How can I be happy shopping? Well, here are my ideas:

  • Take me on short trips.
  • Don't make promises to me you can't keep.
  • Let's take more breaks and sit in the mall and have a snack.
  • Leave me at my friend's house when you're going on a long shopping trip.
  • Tell me about the trip so I'll know what to expect, but remember, you can judge time better than I can.
  • Sometimes, I would like to choose a place to shop.
  • Please don't embarrass me by yelling at me in front of other people. Let's talk about whatever the problem is when we get home. Remember I have feelings too.

Now you're probably wondering if you should even take me shopping. Well, let's talk about it. Where are we going? How long will we be gone? (remember you judge time better than I can!) Do I NEED to go or could I have more fun at Billy's house?

One more thing, I love you just for reading this!

Your Sometimes Shopper.

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