Joan Andrews Released

Chris Bell

Friday, 27th March


Through the prayers and intercession of Our Blessed Mother Mary, Joan was freed the day after Her Holy and Wonderful Feast of the Annunciation.

At about 6:30 PM Pittsburgh time on Thursday, March 26, Joan was informed at the prison that she would be released. In record time (it sometimes takes 4 hours to process out a prisoner) about an hour later Joan was outside the jail.

Fr. George Fauer, a devout Hoboken parish priest, told me several weeks ago, "Chris, on March 25th, the feast of the Annunciation, storm Heaven asking Our Blessed Mother to free Joan." He repeated this to me several times during the couple of hours we were together, emphasizing, "This was the day of the Incarnation, what a special day for Her (Our Lady)." Of course, he added, we should be praying fervently every day, but "especially on the feast of Her Annunciation."

You who were part of the Rosary Novena, every one who prayed asking the Mother of us all to interceed, you too, had a part in this release. Our Lord, who grants all things and asks us to asks Him, will surely bless your every effort.

Please take note of several items now:

  1. Joan was informed in writing that they are putting her on probation even though she did not have to sign anything. This may cause future complications.
  2. There are several other good prolifers, among them another young mother of 5 children and an frail, elderly man, all behind bars in the US who need prayers.
  3. Please stay in touch with the site now listed as JoanAndrews web page and let us continue and expand our efforts to pray, especially in front of the killing centers; pray and fast, for prolife prisoners; also write and petition the appropriate State Officials for the release of our friends.

Thanks to you, I have seen many miracles happen. Joan has saved directly at least one baby from abortion in jail. She helped many women in prision, many of them who were pregnant.

Joan is spending her first free night in Pittsburgh in order to testify on behalf of another mom in prision who is 5 and a half months pregnant and has been having many complications. She has been trying to get this mom to the medical unit and Joan spent much of the past several days calling everyone on the outside to try to call the prision and have this woman placed in the medical unit. Now, Joan hopes the woman may be released and sent to hospital. But, instead of taking the first bus home, as she was hoping to do, she will try, again, to do what she can to help this mother get released.

Let us continue the good work Our Good Lord has allowed us to do together.

God love and bless you. I know Joan will send her thanks and continued prayers when I can sit down with her and send her own words directly.

We love you.
Chris Bell +

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