Letters to Domestic-Church.Com

Peter Fournier and Catherine Fournier

Found Saint Profile Useful:

The DiMercurio Family says;

We appreciate your work and dedication to the Catholic faith by placing such a helpful web site. Our search for Saint Anthony was fulfilling. We are still wondering about Saint Wendelin.

Thirst For Catholic Material Satisfied:

From Nancy Arey;

You can imagine my delight to find this site advertised in [the Nazareth Journal, now defunct]. All I can say is thank God! Now I can still satisfy my thirst for good quality orthodox Catholic family writing!! I'll be back often !! Perhaps daily! Thank you!!

I've enjoyed the articles you write immensely and have often identified with you in your experiences and feelings.

Lessons on Stewardship:

Lew Poorman tells us;

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ;

I love your site, I love the material on sacramentals and the quality of writing.

I teach 10th-11th CCD, teach a BS level Fundraising and Community Building course at a catholic college, and am finishing a book … A FUNdraising Workbook. It is aimed at catholic/christian youth groups and leads them through the stewardship process focusing on the fundraising art - in a gentle way. Normally we (faith and community groups) teach fundraising by handing the kid a box of candy and sending him/her home - causes resentments and sets the kids up to fail. I try to suggest a different way. A wonderful Msgr told me stewardship is not for the weak of heart. The way you've explained it is very good.

Researching, my 75th revision in the pre-pub phase. I found your site, I love it -- it is spiritual, practical, wonderful, useful and in plain english -- lots of similar sites have graphics and video -- but your faith and love for the Lord paints a more important picture.

Keep up the excellent work, I will say a prayer for your ministry. God Bless

From: Ruth

I just surfed onto your work and thought it was wonderful. Keep up the good work.

Kind Words From Our Pastor:

Dear Catherine:

I never know what useful bits of information I will receive when I log onto your page. Keep up the good work. I have printed the story on Matthew's first Confession to read when a break occurs in this hectic schedule. The piece on prayer journalling might also prove helpful to those coming for direction. All in all, very helpful indeed.

God bless you and the family. Please continue to pray for me.

Fr. John.

Another Satified Visitor:

Michael J. Gent writes;

Keep up the good work. Our family has been a supporter of "Nazareth Journal" for a number of years, and are very sad about its demise. Your electronic journal helps relieve the pain.

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