Designs To Colour

by Catherine Fournier

Some of us are artistically challenged. I cannot draw anything unless I have an image in front of me. I guess that means I can't really draw, but I can copy pretty well. Children will find the following pictures fun to color but I hope they are also useful in creating banners for your family. (See Banners)

Each image is a separate 'page'. This will guarantee that they will print correctly without being cut in half by a page break. I hope they inspire you!

Rooster (a symbol of faith and of Saint Peter)
Dove (a symbol of peace and of the Holy Spirit)
Angel (this should need no explanation)
Crown (a symbol for all saints)
Lamb (a symbol for Christ, and the Resurrection)
Holy Spirit Dove (another symbol for the Holy Spirit)
Cross ( a Christian symbol)
Wheat (a symbol of Life, and the Resurrection)
Key (a symbol of the Vatican, Saint Peter and Heaven)
Shell (a symbol for Saint John, and other travelers)

If you would like other symbols or images added to this list, please let me know by email.

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