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Reading and Reflecting
A daily prayer life should include Scripture reading, and meditation. But sometimes it is difficult to know what to read. The Bible is so big, where should I start? And meditation without some direction can easily slide into distraction. These two (related) websites provide a reading plan and direction for daily reading and meditation.
Daily Readings

Through the Bible in One Year by Father Al Lauer.

This pamphlet is to encourage you and assist you in reading the entire Bible in one year. It:
follows the Catholic Church year (beginning with December, that is, Advent) and the liturgical seasons in general,
uses natural breaks in the text, rather than chapter breaks,
spaces Psalms and Proverbs throughout the entire year,
calls for reading the Gospels twice a year (approximately half a chapter a day),
and includes all the books in the Catholic Bible.

The Liturgy of the Hours

At this site, you learn about the office of readings, and how they are structured. You can then choose your time zone, and prayers you wish to say. The site will be automatically set to present the correct prayers for each day of the week. You can set it as your 'home page' and receive the readings for the day whenever you start your browser program.

Daily Meditations and Reflections
Daily Reflections

This offers links to three readings, and a short meditation of the implications of today's readings in our lives.

Daily Gospel Reflections To the Greater Glory of God.

Here, you can click on the date to access the Gospel Relection for that day. The site presents a week of reflections at at time.

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