Holy Card Shrines

by Catherine Fournier

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Children love collecting stuff. Little boys collect rocks and sticks and small metal cars, bent nails, pieces of paper, and the occasional insect. Little girls collect doll parts, costume jewellry, pretty rocks (sometimes indistinguishable from little boy rocks) plastic hair barretts and coloring pictures.

If given an opportunity, they both love collecting cards too. And if given the opportunity, they will collect holy cards, Mass cards, and saint's cards as avidly as any other type. Since these kinds of cards and portraits foster their spiritual development, and give healthy imagery to their imaginations - why not encourage it?

One way to encourage enjoyment and appreciation of holy cards is to provide craft ideas that use these cards. Some families put them into photo albums. Others buy or make simple frames and hang them in the children's rooms. This week's Fridge Art suggests another craft idea - making small shrines.

Depending on the image on the cards these 'shrines' can be used for stations of the cross, small shrines for a name saint, in a prayer corner or at the family altar. Child or parent drawn pictures could replace holy cards if they not are available.

You will need white glue, popsicle sticks or tongue depressors, some plasticine or play dough and a selection of holy cards. Construct the back and roof pieces separately first. When they are dry, glue them together. Use the plasticine to 'prop' the pieces together while the glue dries. Add sides later if you want them, or if you want your shrine to stand up alone. The following illustration will help as a guide.

Popsicle Stick Shrine
Mass Cards:

Mass cards are available from the following addresses, usually for a donation.

Association of Marian Helpers
Stockbridge, MA 01263-7426
(Ask them to send you a Catalog)
Priests of The Sacred Heart
Sacred Heart Monastery
Box 900 Hales Corners, WI 53130
Votive Light "Shrine Cards" (for all different occasions)
Father Shelby
The Association of the Miraculous Medal
1811 W Saint Joseph Street
Perryville, MO 63775-1598
Father Robert, O.F.M.
Franciscan Mission Associates
Franciscan Friars
P.O. Box 598
Mount Vernon, NY 10551-0598
Saints Cards:
Saints Collector Cards
Michael Murphy Design
P.O. Box 895,
South Bend, Indiana 46624
(219) 234-6539
Holy Traders
1827 Stonehaven Dr.,
Boynton Beach, Fl 33436

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