Lenten Theme CrossWord Puzzle

created by Catherine Fournier.

This crossword puzzle is offered for those times when a little extra written work or a quiet family evening activity is needed.

A link to the solution follows at the bottom of the page.

To print this puzzle successfully:

1. Hold down the mouse key and choose "Open Image in New Window" Print the puzzle lattice from that new window.

2. Select the text of the clues by holding down the mouse button and 'dragging' it over all the words. The clues will be 'highlighted.' Select "Copy" from the "Edit" menu. Open a word processing program and "Paste" the text into it.

Lenten Cross word as a gif
Clues for Lenten CrossWord Puzzle


 1 Our _____, who art in Heaven.
 5 Our acts of kindness help us grow _______ to Jesus.
 7 Who did Jesus tell not to weep for him, but for all the sinners of the world?
 9 What tore at the Temple in Jerusalem when Jesus died?
 10 When we go without something for a time, we _________ from it.
 12 Where was Simon from?
 13 Jesus came to proclaim God's ________.
 15 The soldiers put a ______ of thorns on Jesus' head.
 16 What did Jesus' death open? A new _________ with God.
 18 How many times does Jesus fall?
 20 Who donated the tomb? _______ of Arimathea.
 23 What did the devil tempt Jesus to turn into bread?
 24 Who pulls off Jesus' clothes?
 26 What Christ was crucified on.
 28 Who helped Jesus carry the cross?
 29 Jesus' body was wrapped in _______.
 31 Jesus gave His ______ for us.
 32 Ash Wednesday is the first day of _______.
 33 What we are marked with on Ash Wednesday
 34 What we give to the poor, especially during Lent
 36 Who beat Jesus?
 37 Veronica performed an act of _________ for Jesus.
 38 When we don't eat for a time, it is called _______.
 39 What fastened Jesus' hands and feet to the cross?
 40 Who mocked Jesus, laughed at him, threw things as he was carrying His cross?


 2 Jesus' and Mary's _________ ached at each other's pain.
 3 The cross was very ________.
 4 Who wiped the face of Jesus?
 6 Sundays are Holy Days of ____________.
 7 The soldiers _____ Jesus when he falls a second time.
 8 Acts of __________ say we are sorry for our sins.
 10 Some of the ______ helped take Jesus down from the cross.
 11 What was the hill of the Crucifixion called?
 13 Even bruised and bleeding, Jesus is our _____.
 14 Mary is Jesus' ________.
 17 In what city did Christ's passion take place?
 19 How many Stations of the Cross are there?
 20 Who baptised Jesus?
 21 Jesus was laid in a tomb, also called a __________.
 22 In the Our Father, we ask God to give us our daily __________.
 25 Jesus is __________ for the sins of the world.
 27 What did Jesus do at the Third Station?
 28 What is Jesus suffering for? Our _______.
 30 The fourteen stages of Christ's Passion, also called the Way of the Cross
 35 How many days did Jesus wander in the desert? How many years did the Israelites wander in the desert?

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