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Peter Fournier and Catherine Fournier

Reader Finds Sanger Quote Suspect
Dear Editor,

I just looked in here in passing, and went straight to the Sanger quote. (in Vindications). I hope I'm wrong, but it seems you agree with her.

My family are very involved with the pro-life cause - and I have to say that contraception was the start of the problem. In no way can that printed statement reflect the views of the Catholic church - see Humanae Vitae (though I will allow the portion recommended for a banner - it loses its use through anyone discovering its context).

The Editor's Reply:

You are right in your hope - I do not agree with her. In fact, I agree with you - the acceptance of the use of contraception was one of the beginnings of the problem. I have read and know Humanae Vitae well, I recommend 'Why I Have So Many Kids' in our Stories column, to explain my position more fully.

I included this piece in our Vindication column simply because the 'hoist on their own petard' aspect appealed to me. It reveals the weakness of their whole position, in that it was inconsistent from the beginnning. Just a little nugget to think over for its amusement value. That's what Vindications is for.

PS. I will amend my 'title' for the piece to eliminate any suggestion of agreement.

Interfaith Relationships

Hello, I am a 22 year old Catholic girl from Australia who is currently dating a 26 year old Jewish guy. We have dating for over two years and love each other very much. Meyer understands me so well, is intelligent, honest, witty, sensitive and loving. We have been very open-minded and tolerant and understanding about each other.

Lately however, things have been very emotional as we have started talking about issues of marriage and what status the children would be. He insists that he would like them to be converted to Judaism and then brought up as Jews with a circumcision, hebrew education, and a Bar-mitzvah. I want them to be Baptised and brought up as church-going Catholics. we have talked of compromises, which society does not condone..it's either one or the other! Other people will still talk and make fun of the makeup of our family, if indeed that ever occurs.

I think it is so sad that something so beautiful, such as the relationship we have, could possibly be broken just because of RELIGION. It is supposed to bring people together, not tear them apart. I cannot help but feel a bit disillusioned.

The Editor's Reply

Thank you for your letter. This is a quick reply, just to let you know that I got it, and I'm going to give some serious thought to a helpful answer for you. May I publish your letter in the Letters column? It may create some interesting and useful discussion ( I always hope...)

To begin with, I just want to comment that it's not in fact RELIGION that is keeping you apart, it is your faith and the things/elements/practices you consider to be important to maintain and pass on that faith.

I/we will give some thought this this, you have raised a valid point one that faces many people today. I know one thing though, you can't raise children in a 'middle ground' it is either 'something' or 'nothing.'

Tanya's Reply:

Thanks for your reply!

Your point is valid. I just got back from an Antioch weekend, for young adults. It was a great opportunity to get in touch with my spirtitual side once again. There are so many young and inpiring Catholics with incredible faith. I felt a bit more peace after I attended, there was a healing mass which was wonderful. I only wish I had been able to share and celebrate these things with Meyer.

And A Very Good Review
Dear Domestic-Church:

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Darden Brock

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The site features resources and links; advice of experienced and learned people; presents family-tested activities and crafts; reviews books, movies, and educational institutions; opens and encourages discussion of the millions of issues facing Catholic families today; supplies references and materials; shares stories and humour.

We highly recommend this site to families. There is something here for everyone. Parents will find help and encouragement and children will find stories and activities. "

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