NFP and divorce

Peter Fournier and Catherine Fournier

"Is the divorce rate lower among couples who practice NFP?"

Yes. The Couple to Couple League took an informal survey and found that the divorce rate among couples using NFP was less than 1%. That is less than one couple per one hundred. This makes sense for several reasons.

First, couples who choose NFP are working in a true partnership as they share responsibility for their combined fertility. This fosters an overall respect for each other's bodies and the procreative power they share together. Also, The required periods of brief abstaining every month during fertile times allows the couple some 'space' from each other. They do not take each other for granted, as say, a contracepting couple who have constant availability to each other.

(Taken from 'What Every Catholic Couple Should Know' by Wendy Cukierski, Self Published, 1997. For more from Wendy's book, see Health: NFP)

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