Reclaiming Sundays:
Pray, Play, Serve, Rest, Refresh, and Celebrate

by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle
Reviewed by Peter Fournier

Donna-Marie is an EWTN television host, popular writer, Catechist and Catholic wife, mother of five, and grandmother. She shows parents and grandparents how to RECLAIM Sundays—how to seize the opportunity to teach the faith as the first and foremost educator in the family. She gives them loads of encouragement, affirmation, and countless inspiring practices to carry out in their domestic churches, and also reaching out to the community in loving service.

The book is divided into thirteen parts and 52 Sundays. Here's a sampling of three of the parts taken from the table of contents:

  • PART EIGHT Marian Sundays 133
    •      CHAPTER 29: Mary Crowning Sunday 135
    •      CHAPTER 30: Apparition Sunday 139
    •      CHAPTER 31: Mary, Our Mother Sunday 144
    •      CHAPTER 32: Mary Leads Us to Jesus Sunday 148
  • PART NINE Family Event Sundays 153
    •      CHAPTER 33: Sacrament or Birthday Sunday 155
    •      CHAPTER 34: Anniversary or Graduation Sunday 159
    •      CHAPTER 35: Family Reunion or Vacation Sunday 163
    •      CHAPTER 36: Saint’s Name Day Sunday 167
  • PART TEN Holiday and Feast Sundays 171
    •      CHAPTER 37: Crafty Sunday 173
    •      CHAPTER 38: Field Trip Sunday 177
    •      CHAPTER 39: Sunday Brunch Sunday 180
    •      CHAPTER 40: Jesus Is Lord Sunday 186

As you can see the number of topics covered is very broad, a special chapter for celebratng any Sunday in the year.

Each chapter has subsections always arrangd in the same way:

  •     Family Morning Prayer
  •     Reflection
  •     Choose an Activity
  •     A Note to Parents and Grandparents
  •     Mini Teaching
  •     Ponder
  •     Family Evening Prayer

Each of the subsections is well thought out and shows than the author must speak to many Catholic families -- otherwise how could she come up with so many good ideas, especially in the activities sections?

Overall I like this book very much. It seems good to me to devote a whole day to a specific Catholic theme. I think my chidren woud have found it easier to learn the faith because a single theme wass presented in different ways. One child would learn from an activity, another from the reflection, another from some other aspect of that particular Sunday.

I recommend this book without any reservation. Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle has done an excellent job.

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