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I hope you can use this on your story page. This is about the rosary and how it worked a miracle in my life.

Approximately two years ago, my two elderly great-aunts asked me for assistance because they were failing in body and mind and had no one to help them. I agreed to help, and it was a difficult task because they sometimes were confused and even hostile. They were family and I loved them, so I did my best.

My aunts were very devoted to the Mass and to the rosary. They said the rosary daily. Sometimes I would call in the afternoon to check on them and they would be in the midst of the rosary.

"Can you call back later, honey?" my Aunt Jo would softly ask. Having been away from the church for about twenty-five years, I was impatient and not very sympathetic. But I would call back later as requested.

As time went on, My Aunt Jo grew more frail and weak and soon her sweet little heart gave out. In the emergency room, the day she died, a doctor explained that there was really nothing more to be done to prolong her life. So I asked if we could have a private room, that she be made comfortable and then I asked if there was a priest on hand. The doctor called the priest and soon my aunt had received the Anointing of the Sick. A few hours later, she died peacefully.

Six months later, my Aunt Helen, who had been living in a personal care home near where I lived, fell and broke her hip. Surgery was performed and she came through it well, considering she was 90 years old, but she soon developed respiratory problems and one night, was rushed to the hospital from the personal care home.

Someone from the hospital called to tell me that they had, in fact, revived her and that if she had a living will, I should bring it to the hospital immediately so that she wouldn't end up on unwanted life support. I did bring the will and asked that the priest be called. This time, Aunt Helen received the Anointing of the Sick, which she would not have received if they had had her living will the first time she arrested.

A few days later she died peacefully in the same hospital. Both my aunts' funerals were held in St. Thomas More Church in a suburb of Pittsburgh. They loved their church and had attended Mass there for many years. I felt an immediate connection with their church and soon found myself attending Mass there and reunited with my faith.

One day a friend presented me with a small pamphlet on the rosary, which included the promises Our Lady made to anyone who would say the rosary faithfully. The one that took my breath away was that she would assist the faithful at the hour of death and they would not be without the sacraments.

It occurred to me with the forcefulness of a lightning bolt that I had been the agent of fulfilling Our Lady's promise to my aunts! They had never said a word about calling a priest - they trusted in the message and I took care of the arrangements.

Now, through this miracle, I am also devoted to the rosary and even plan to visit Medjugorje someday. I attend Mass daily and have felt the powerful change prayer has made in my life. So, in essence, my aunts have been the spiritual agents in my life as well.

The Blessed Mother fulfills her promises mightily. I will always believe in the miracle of the rosary.

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