Mary's Mantle of Protection

by Monica McConkey

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Family Photos

In earlier centuries, artists were often commissioned to depict holy images for wealthy individuals. The client or client's family was often included in the image within the folds of Mary's mantle, representing her protection of them.

Other religious paintings depict the client (or patron) either looking on at the holy event or praying reverently off to the side of the image.

Create your own image of Mary, incorporating your family within the scene, to remind us of Mary's involvement within our lives. This picture could become an integral part of the MARY ALTAR.

Choose a Christmas card, religious calendar or other image of Mary, as large as possible. Realistic images, close to photographic quality, work well for blending in family photos. Orig Card

Family Photo
Select some family photos, making sure that you have a good shot of each family member (they don't have to all be in the same photo). Keep the selected Mary image in mind as you select the family photos, choosing photos with full views of family members sitting or standing. They can be looking into the camera or off in another direction.

Take the Mary picture and the family photos to a copy centre, asking for colour copies. If possible, have the Mary picture enlarged, and reduce (or enlarge) the family photos so that family members are at a slightly smaller scale than Mary in her picture. Remember to make multiple copies of all the images so that you can practice different techniques. Depending on the enlargements or reductions you require, multiple photos or images may fit on one colour copy to save costs.

Carefully cut out the family members from the colour copies, keeping as much detail as possible within the silhouette. Before gluing them in place on the Mary picture, try a few layouts.
Be inventive! Figures can be placed looking from behind windows, furniture or parts of the building structure, by carefully cutting hidden portions of the figures.


The completed collage can be taken to a copy centre for a colour copy or enlargement or reduction. It can be made into a plaque or framed.

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