by Wendy Cukerski

"If someone were to accuse of you being Pro-Life, is there enough evidence to convict you?"

I love to ask people that! Usually the evidence is "minimal" to "non-existent".

I'm asking you all to please, consider signing your name to the following pro life letter and then send it to your local newspaper. I've done the hard part....I constructed the letter. All you need to do is sign it, slap it in an envelope, throw a stamp on it and mail away!!! PLEASE CONSIDER DOING IT FOR THE UNBORN!! Thanks!!

Dear Editor:

Do you realize that today 4,400 children will die? These 4,400 children will never know what it is like to be cuddled. They will never be able to feel the sun shine on their little faces, never to give wet gooey kisses, never to laugh, never to sing, never even able to enter this world...alive. They are the innocent unborn children whose lives are taken through abortion.

But, there are those of us who HAVE NOT forgotten about them. This tremendous loss of life can no longer be overlooked, ignored, justified or tolerated!

I am very sickened by the rhetoric which dehumanizes these unborn children....and NO these are not blob of tissues...even an abortionist will tell you so! This rhetoric causes us to forget what it is that is being destroyed...HUMAN LIFE!

Through the wonderful modern tool of ultrasound I have been able to witness my children before birth..sucking their thumbs and happily kicking...all at the age that most babies are aborted! I REFUSE to be told it is a blob of tissue for I am not a fool...anyone who bothers to seek the truth will find that these are living children! Eventually, the truth will set these innocent unborn children free...but can we wait that long?

When will we realize that ending an unborn life does not solve the problem? Since the beginning of legalized abortion in 1973 increasing numbers of women and children have slipped into poverty, child abuse has increased and infant mortality has risen! Women seek these abortions to eliminate the supposed crisis that would occur if this child was born. Instead, the poverty,pain and despair not only continues but increases! ABORTION DOES NOT SOLVE PROBLEMS, IT INCREASES THEM!

As mentioned, we are now witnessing the ultimate dehumanization of the most defenseless class of innocent people in the world..the unborn. There have been times in our history that this has happened before. Were not the Blacks and Jewish people dehumanized and even euthanized? Are we so blind that we have not learned from these horrific injustices? Will we continue to stand by idly while our government and society "okay" this "wholesale slaughter"?

Will we continue to be lied to when they say abortion is safe and simple? Will we continue to ignore the high number of women who have DIED because of a LEGAL that safe?? I grieve for these women because they too have been victimized. Deceit and pure unadulterated greed keeps the abortion industry in business. The women and their unborn children are their victims!

We can no longer remain silent while society and government condone abortion! YES, consider this letter a BATTLE CRY to all of you who respect human life---let us spread the TRUTH! Our silence is deadly! God have mercy on us all!

Sincerely yours, (include your name, address and day-time telephone number)

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