Yes, Virginia, there is a Right and Wrong

compiled by Catherine Fournier

PITTSBURGH ( - Bishop Donald Wuerl of Pittsburgh told children in his diocese this week that, despite the best efforts of President Bill Clinton's defenders to say otherwise, there really is a right and wrong in moral matters.

In a letter entitled "Right and Wrong" addressed to the youth and published in the September 18 issue of the official diocesan newspaper, Pittsburgh Catholic, Bishop Wuerl said that right and wrong is "determined by God's law, not public opinion polls ... and we have to be courageous enough to admit our sins and accept correction." He added, "The message is a clear one. There is right and wrong. God's law is our norm. Morality and integrity are very important in our personal lives and the life of this nation."

I guess if a bishop says so, it's really true. So nice to know I've been right all this time...

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