Stewardship in Gardening

by Catherine Fournier

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Stewardship in the home is the science and art of using all our God-given resources efficiently and effectively. As stewards of the home (whether wives or husbands), we are called to create a home, a place of security, comfort and refuge. A home is clean and neat. The furniture may be thread-bare or mis-matched, but it is arranged to seat people comfortably, or to take advantage of sunlight, or traffic patterns. A home includes art or other decorative elements to interest the eye. In a home, the chores of daily living can be carried out smoothly and easily because the necessary tools are well-organized and easy to find and the space is clear and functionally organized. In a home, both family and friends are welcome and comfortable.

The welcoming nature of a home extends beyond the walls of the house. The entrance to the home, the appearance of the yard, walk and drive also contribute to the welcome that guests and relatives feel. A bare house front without colour or plant life is sterile, institutional and unwelcoming. Our stewardship of the home extends to managing the gardens too.

The style of garden isn't important, it will be determined by climate, soil type, taste, finances and time available to maintain the garden. There are a few types of gardens though, each of which will be discussed in a coming article:

  • Flower gardens or decorative gardens, including Mary Gardens
  • Vegetable gardens (even though these are decorative too!)
  • Herb gardens
  • Fruit trees and plants
  • Water gardens.

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