Patron Saints

Catherine Fournier

We can pray to all the saints in Heaven and ask for their aid and intercession. By virtue of some detail of their lives, or special interest and promise the saint may have made before their death, some saints are named as 'patrons' of a cause, vocation, job, or situation of life. These saints' intervention is especially efficacious for those circumstances.

We can also choose a patron, a saint for whom we develop a fondness and devotion. Frequently, this is how a saint is recognized, miraculous cures granted to those who have prayed to the saint, asking for intercession and aid. The aid is taken as part of the proof that the person is, in fact, a saint. Saint Valentine's Day is traditionally the day to choose a patron saint for the year.

Please note: this list is in two parts, first alphabetized by patronage, and then alphabetized by name.

The protector of


is Saint


The protector of is Saint
Accountants Matthew
Actors Genesius
Air travelers Joseph of Cupertino
Altar boys John Berchmans
Architects Barbara
Art Catherine of Bologna
Artists Luke
Astronomers Dominic
Athletes Sebastian
Authors Francis de Sales
Bakers Elizabeth of Hungary
Bankers Matthew
Barren women Antony of Padua
Beggars Alexius, Giles
Blind Raphael
Bookbinders Peter Celestine
Bookkeepers Matthew
Booksellers John of God
Boy Scouts George
Bricklayers Stephen
Brides Nicholas of Myra
Broadcasters Archangel Gabriel
Builders Vincent Ferrer
Cab drivers Fiacre
Cancer victims Peregrine Laziosi
Carpenters Joseph
Charitable societies Vincent de Paul
Childbirth Gerard Majella
Children Nicholas of Myra
Church Joseph
Comedians Vitus
Cooks Martha
Cripples Giles
Dancers Vitus
Deaf Francis de Sales
Dentists Apollonia
Desperate situations Jude
Domestic animals Antony
Dying Joseph
Ecologists Francis of Assisi
Editors John Bosco
Emigrants Frances Xavier Cabrini
Falsely accused Raymund Nonnatus
Farmers Isidore the Farmer
Fathers Joseph
Fire fighters Florian
Fire prevention Catherine of Siena
Fishermen Andrew, Peter
Foundlings Holy Innocents
Funeral directors Joseph of Arimathea
Gardeners Adelard
Girls Agnes
Glassworkers Luke
Gravediggers Anthony the Abbot
Grocers Michael
Hairdressers Martin de Porres
Heart patients John of God
Hospitals Camillus de Lellis, John of God
Hotelkeepers Amand
Invalids Roch
Jewelers Eligius
Journalists Francis de Sales
Laborers Isidore
Lawyers Thomas More, Yves
Learning Ambrose
Librarians Jerome
Lost articles Antony of Padua
Lovers Valentine
Mariners Nicholas of Tolentine
Married women Monica
Mentally ill Dympna
Messengers Gabriel
Midwives Raymund Nonnatus
Missions Francis Xavier, Therese of Lisieux,
Mothers Monica
Musicians Cecelia, Gregory
Nurses Agatha, Camillus de Lellis,John of God
Orators John Chrysostom
Orphans Jerome Emiliani
Painters Luke
Pawnbrokers Nicholas of Myra
Philosophers Catherine of Alexandria, Justin
Physicians Cosmas and Damian, Luke
Plasterers Bartholomew
Poets David
Police officers Michael
Poor Antony of Padua
Postal workers Gabriel
Preachers Catherine of Alexandria, John Chrysostom
Pregnant women Gerard Majella
Priests Joh Vianney
Printers Augustine, Genesius, John of God
Prisoners Dismas
Radio workers Gabriel
Rheumatism James the Greater
Sailors Brendan, Erasmus, Francis of Paola
Scholars Brigid
Scientists Albert the Great
Sculptors Claude
Secretaries Genesius
Servants Martha
Sick John of God, Camillus de Lellis
Skaters Lidwina
Skiers Bernard
Social justice Joseph
Social workers Louise de Marillac
Soldiers George, Martin of Tours
Students Catherine of Alexandria, Thomas Aquinas
Surgeons Cosmas and Damian, Luke
Tax collectors Matthew
Teachers Gregory, John Baptist de la Salle
Television Clare of Assisi
Theologians Alphonsus Liguori, Augustine
Throat ailments Blaise
Travelers Christopher
Vintners Amand, Morand, Vincent
Vocations Alphonsus
Widows Paula
Women in labor Anne
Writers Francis de Sales
Youth Aloysius Gonzaga


is the Protector of


Saint is the protector of
Adelard Gardeners
Agatha, Camillus de Lellis, John of God Nurses
Agnes Girls
Albert the Great Scientists
Alexius, Giles Beggars
Aloysius Gonzaga Youth
Alphonsus Liguori, Augustine Theologians
Alphonsus Vocations
Amand Hotel keepers
Amand, Morand, Vincent Vintners
Ambrose Learning
Andrew, Peter Fishermen
Anne Women in labor
Antony Domestic animals
Antony of Padua Barren women
Antony of Padua Lost articles
Antony of Padua Poor
Antony the Abbot Gravediggers
Apollonia Dentists
Archangel Gabriel Broadcasters
Augustine, Genesius, John of God Printers
Barbara Architects
Bartholomew Plasterers
Bernard Skiers
Blaise Throat ailments
Brendan, Erasmus, Francis of Paola Sailors
Brigid Scholars
Camillus de Lellis, John of God Hospitals
Catherine of Alexandria, John Chrysostom Preachers
Catherine of Alexandria, Justin Philosophers
Catherine of Alexandria, Thomas Aquinas Students
Catherine of Bologna Art
Catherine of Siena prevention
Cecelia, Gregory Musicians
Christopher Travelers
Clare of Assisi Television
Claude Sculptors
Cosmas and Damian, Luke Physicians
Cosmas and Damian, Luke Surgeons
David Poets
Dismas Prisoners
Dominic Astronomers
Dympna Mentally ill
Eligius Jewelers
Elizabeth of Hungary Bakers
Fiacre Cab drivers
Florian Fire fighters
Frances Xavier Cabrini Emigrants
Francis de Sales Authors
Francis de Sales Deaf
Francis de Sales Journalists
Francis de Sales Writers
Francis of Assisi Ecologists
Francis Xavier, Therese of Lisieux, Leonard of Port Maurice Missions
Gabriel Messengers
Gabriel Postal workers
Gabriel Radio workers
Genesius Actors
Genesius Secretaries
George Boy Scouts
George, Martin of Tours Soldiers
Gerard Majella Childbirth
Gerard Majella Pregnant women
Giles Cripples
Gregory, John Baptist de la Salle Teachers
Holy Innocents Foundlings
Isidore Laborers
Isidore the Farmer Farmers
James the Greater Rheumatism
Jerome Emiliani Orphans
Jerome Librarians
John Berchmans Altar boys
John Bosco Editors
John Chrysostom Orators
John of God Booksellers
John of God Heart patients
John of God, Camillus de Lellis Sick
John Vianney Priests
Joseph Carpenters
Joseph Church
Joseph Dying
Joseph Fathers
Joseph of Arimathea Funeral directors
Joseph of Cupertino Air travelers
Joseph Social justice
Jude Desperate situations
Lidwina Skaters
Louise de Marillac Social workers
Luke Artists
Luke Glass-workers
Luke Painters
Martha Cooks
Martha Servants
Martin de Porres Hairdressers
Matthew Accountants
Matthew Bankers
Matthew Bookkeepers
Matthew Tax collectors
Michael Grocers
Michael Police officers
Monica Married women
Monica Mothers
Nicholas of Myra Brides
Nicholas of Myra Children
Nicholas of Myra Pawnbrokers
Nicholas of Tolentine Mariners
Paula Widows
Peregrine Laziosi Cancer victims
Peter Celestine Bookbinders
Raphael Blind
Raymund Nonnatus Falsely accused
Raymund Nonnatus Midwives
Roch Invalids
Sebastian Athletes
Stephen Bricklayers
Thomas More, Yves Lawyers
Valentine Lovers
Vincent de Paul Charitable societies
Vincent Ferrer Builders
Vitus Comedians
Vitus Dancers

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