How to Find a Good Movie

by Catherine Fournier

Faced with the bewildering choices of movies at both the cinema and the video rental place, I have a hard time remembering TITLES, let alone whether or not they are suitable movies for my family and I to watch. Reading the 'back of the box' sometimes helps, and some movies have ratings, but nothing can really replace a concise informative movie review, written by a careful reviewer who shares my concerns and values. The following links and short descriptions will lead you to exactly that kind of review.

Vatican Best Films List

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of cinema in 1995, the Vatican compiled this list of "great films." The 45 movies are divided into three categories: "Religion," "Values" and "Art." The USCC classification for each film follows its description.

Alphabetically Listed Movie Reviews

The following movies have been evaluated by the U.S. Catholic Conference's Office for Film and Broadcasting according to artistic merit and moral suitability. The reviews include the USCC rating, the Motion Picture Association of America rating, and a brief synopsis of the movie.

Cinema Padrecito: Movie Reviews by Father Glenn

"I love going to the movies. But I also know that I want to know what's out there and whether it's worth seeing. Therefore, I am writing this page to help sort out, in my opinion (and you're entitled to disagree) what is worth seeing and what is not worth seeing.

I won't be reviewing every movie out there: first of all I haven't the time to do so, second of all, there are some movies, based on my reading the reviews in the Los Angeles Times, that are simply not worth seeing in the first place.

I will be using a six collar (as in Roman collar) system of rating: from no collar - hellish (why was this movie made?) to five collars - heavenly (could be shown for eternity.)"

Catholic Digest Movie Reviews and Should Our Family See This Movie?

For two generations, Henry Herx has been a driving force behind the movie reviews and synopses for the Church in the United States, providing the official Catholic view of content and style for new box office releases. Other professionals, meanwhile, including those at the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), look for his views. The reviews he writes are balanced and thoughtful. His only agenda is helping families.


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