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reviewed by Catherine Fournier

Several years ago, when my husband and I began our family journey away from the 'world' and back towards the church, one of the first things we changed were our Christmas celebrations. Santa left, and the Nativity was welcomed in. A relief, really.

Next we added other liturgically based family celebrations, such as the celebration of feast days. This is where we ran into difficulty. Where to find the books, the pictures, the medals, the ... stuff? Archeologists learn about ancient cultures by examining the artifacts. We were trying to create a Catholic culture in our home - where could we find the artifacts?

Slowly, but surely, we found what we were looking for. I learned to make banners, we found resource material to celebrate name-days, we scoured thrift shops and antique stores for religious art.

While we were discovering this need (and essentially becoming the market) others were discovering the same void and deciding to fill it. Most are small companies, run more for the service they give others than the profit. Most are family operations, with the merchandise sharing space with the dining room furniture, or lining the bedroom wall. All are prompt, dedicated, cheerful and helpful.

There are hundreds of these small companies around the world ensuring that the artifacts of Catholic culture are available to those who need them, while providing some family income for themselves. A simple on-line search will reveal literally hundreds. Here are a few recommended businesses;

St. Francis Books
R.R.1, Cannington
ON L0E 1E0
Tel:(705) 432-8420)
Traditional Catholic materials, no website

Little Flower Family Apostolate
RR 3 Lanark
Ontario, K0G 1K0
1 (613) 278-2618
A variety of Catholic homeschool materials from companies such as TAN and Neumann Press as well as some homemade materials.

Sacred Heart Bookshop
23179 Richmond Street N.
R.R. 42 London, Ontario CANADA N5X 4B2
Catholic distributor of materials from Catholic Heritage Curricula, Little Flower Home Education, Ignatius
Press and others. No website.

Saint Andrew Books
275 East 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5T 1R9
Carries the Bethlehem Books line.

Sunrise Marion Center
Pictou Nova Scotia, B0K 1H0
Carries the Bethlehem Books line.

Homeschool Book Depot We sell affordable, used homeschool books both Christian-based and secular. We know that homeschooling takes a lot of time, effort and resources from a family. Our goal is to help alleviate the burden of buying expensive curriculum to educate children. Online ordering only

The Upside Down School Room is the result of my search to find workable learning materials for my two sons, one of whom is an "upside-down" kind of learner, and for the different children I tutor.
We are a Canadian family-based company. We have been homeschooling for 9 years, formally and informally, and I have been involved with tutoring other children for about 5 of those years.
The materials gathered here were chosen from our personal favourites, or have been very highly recommended by parents and students who have used them.
I am excited about the high quality of the materials available, and enjoy searching out and testing new products to add to our growing list of resources.

The Upside-Down School Room
466 Union Street West
Fergus, Ontario
N1M 2Z1 Canada
Phone: (519) 843-6060
Fax: (519) 843-1602

Home and Hearth
We are still a home-based business, although for those of you who have visited us you know we've managed to combine the best of both worlds in that we renovated and expanded a beautiful old house so we could live upstairs and have a retail store on the main level ( Yes, that's our house/store on the front cover!)It's working very well as we can do our own thing when the store is quiet - although doesn't seem to be happening much any more!

914 - 9th Avenue S.E.
Phone: (403)281-9644
Fax: (403)281-5229

Our Father's House
5530 S. Orcas St.
Seattle, WA 98118 USA
Phone orders: 206-725-0461
Faxed orders: 206-725-7214
E - mail orders:


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