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This is a list (in no particular order) of people and organizations who have been kind enough to contact Domestic-Church.Com informing us of their site. While we have visited and checked the sites listing us, we have not checked all their links, or the links from those links. As always, surf with caution and don't be surprised by anything.

The Mystery of God's Call Eight Online Days of Prayer for Women Discerning a Call to Religious Life. How do I know if these these pages would be helpful to me? I feel as if God is calling me to something, but I don't know what. The idea of religious life keeps coming to mind. I enjoy being around sisters and feel at home with them. If you checked one or more of the above, you might well find it helpful to reflect on the following prayer pages.

Another site with information for those discerning a vocation The United States Association of Consecrated Virgins is an association of persons in the United States who have received the Consecration of Virgins for women living in the world, according to Canon 604 of the New Code of Canon Law.

Vocations Placement is a national service organization dedicated to one mission: to provide assistance to those who are exploring a call to the religious life in the Roman Catholic Church.

The Brothers and Sisters of Penance is a new de facto private lay association of the Catholic Church whose members live modern statutes to a Primitive Rule for penitents written in 1221 at the request of St. Francis of Assisi. Both the Association and the Rule of life have been submitted to several bishops of the Roman Catholic Church and have received their informal approval to be lived and promoted.

Prayer Warriors of the Holy Souls An Apostolate of the MONFORT FOUNDATION, INC. The objective of this organization is TO CREATE AND SPREAD AWARENESS OF THE PLIGHT OF THE HOLY SOULS. The PRAYER WARRIORS of the HOLY SOULS have dedicated themselves to pray, offer masses, do works of mercy for the intentions of the holy souls, and to recruit more members who will identify with the cause of assisting the holy souls reach their state of perfection so as to be able to enter the Kingdom of God.

Festive Links to Seasonal Celebrations. CAUTION Not necessarily Catholic, but a light hearted, beautifully decorated site with lots of information and suggestions.

Mary Cronk Farrell, Author and Family Life Columnist Author of Family Spirituality Column "Everyday Grace". An interesting web site.

Youth Apostles Online - for Catholic Teens Chastity speaker Michele TePas offers free newsletters, fresh articles and media recommendations for Catholic teens.

YM Central providing web based resources for your Catholic youth ministry.

Hail Mary Full of Grace "A site devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the promotion of the Catholic Faith." An odd site, a mix of commercial, web forum and resources. One good resource though, the Baltimore Catechism #1 online.

NewChastity..... Abstinence .... and Dating!!! Here's a link for those parents or teenagers interested on learning about this virtue or way of life.

Caring Family Resources Catholic parenting resources

The Catholic Curriculum Swap's Purpose and Mission:The Swap was created to provide an arena for CATHOLIC homeschoolers across the United States and Canada to resell the school books and materials they had used but which they no longer needed.

Catholic Film Review News, interactive reviews (add your own comments or see what other people have to say), Catholic reference cross-referenced to specific movies. Not well organized or constructed, some useful information.

"Christians Learn the Rosary" A fairly new web site project promoting Our Blessed Mother's messages, including the Rosary and Scapular. Please feel free to visit our site and look around.

NewCatholic Media

The ChristPath, a free online magazine for Christian Mystics and friends was launched in September 1999.

In Defense of the Roman Catholic Church This Web site was developed mainly for Protestants, but is also for Catholics who want to defend their faith against Protestantism.

NewThe Episcopal Diocese of Texas A nice site about an active and vibrant Episcopalian diocese in Texas

Answers for Troubled Times Link to sections from a book about the psychological process that enables TV to break down morality. This book is recommended by Fr. John A. Hardon, SJ.

Gospel Truth Ministries is dedicated to helping Catholics understand and explain their faith. We are completely loyal to the Church and offer many resources to help Catholics deepen their faith.

Infertility & Roman Catholicism A site dedicated to accurately representing the Catholic Church's teachings on infertility.

The Conservative Catholic Asite dedicated to preserving the Catholic faith, primarily focused on critiques of Syracuse, NY sex education program.

Mary Page Resources Information Menu Just one page in an omnibus Marian site. 'The Mary Page provides access to our institute's data files in order to be used as reference material on Marian topics by our readers. We release information on contemporary Marian art, bibliographies of Marian texts, information on Marian movements, the text of various Marian prayers, studies on Marian music, references to Mary in magisterial documents, and much more.' This link provides free Catholic video rentals (pay s/h charge) Catholic videos

Society of Christian Doctrine An interesting website from Malta:showing a Catholic lay movement that is growing worldwide, slowly but steadily, interesting itself in teaching the Catholic Doctrine.

Operation Saturation Read about evangelization efforts in Haiti centred around distributing free solar powered radios.


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