The Saints and Their Symbols

compiled by: Shonnie Scarola

  • Acathius: crown of thorns
  • Agatha: tongs, veil
  • Agnes: lamb
  • Ambrose: bees, dove, ox,pen
  • Andrew: transverse cross
  • Anne, grandmother of Jesus: door
  • Anthony of Padua: Infant Jesus, bread, book, lily
  • Augustine of Hippo: dove, child, shell, pen
  • Barbara: tower, cyborium
  • Bartholomew: knife
  • Benedict: broken cup, raven, bell, crosier,bush
  • Bernard of Clairvaux: pen, bees, instruments of the Passion
  • Bernardine of Siena: tablet or sun inscribed with IHS
  • Blaise: wax, taper (candle), iron comb
  • Bonaventure: communion, ciborium, cardinal's hat
  • Boniface: oak, ax, book, fox, scourge,fountain, raven, sword
  • Bridget of Sweden: book, pilgrim's staff
  • Catherine: broken wheel
  • Catherine of Ricci: ring, crown, crucifix
  • Catherine of Siena: stigmata, cross, ring, lily
  • Cecilia: organ
  • Charles Borromeo: communion
  • Christopher: giant, torrent, tree, Child Jesus o shoulder
  • Clare of Assisi: monstrance
  • Cosmas and Damian: a phial, box of ointment
  • Cyriacus: deacon's vestments
  • Denis: head in hands
  • Dominic: rosary, star
  • Elizabeth of Hungary: alms, flowers, bread, the poor, pitcher
  • Erasmus: windlass
  • Eustace: hunting clothes, stag
  • Francis of Assisi: wolf,birds, fish,skull, stigmata
  • Francis Xavier: crucifix, bell, vessel
  • Genevieve: bread, keys, herd, cattle
  • George: dragon
  • Gertrude: crown, taper, lily
  • Giles: Benedictine habit, hind
  • Gregory I, the Great: tiara, crosier, dove
  • Helena: cross
  • Ignatius of Loyola: communion, chasuble, book
  • Isadore: bees, pen
  • James the Greater: pilgrim's staff, shell, key, sword
  • James the Less: square rule, halberd, club
  • Jerome: lion
  • John Berchmans: Rule of Saint Ignatius, cross, rosary
  • John Chrysotom: bees, dove, pen
  • John of God: alms, a heart, crown of thorns
  • John the Baptist: lamb, head on a platter, animal skin
  • John the Evangelist: eagle, chalice, kettle, armor
  • Joseph, spouse of Mary: Infant Jesus, lily, rod, plane,carpenter's square
  • Jude: a sword, square rule, club
  • Justin Martyr: ax, sword
  • Lawrence: cross, book of the Gospels, gridiron
  • Leander of Seville: apen
  • Liborius: pebbles, peacock
  • Louis IX of France: crown of thorns, nails
  • Lucy: cord, eyes on a dish
  • Luke: ox, book, brush, palette
  • Margaret: dragon in chains
  • Mark: lion, book
  • Martha: holy water sprinkler, dragon
  • Matilda: purse, alms
  • Matthew: winged man, purse, lance
  • Maurus: scales, spade, crutch
  • Michael: scales, banner, sword, dragon
  • Monica: girdle, tears
  • Nicholas: three purses or balls, anchor, boat, child
  • Pantaleon: nailed hands
  • Patrick: cross, harp, serpent, baptismal font, demons, shamrock
  • Paul: sword, book or scroll
  • Peter: keys, boat, cock
  • Philip the Apostle: column
  • Rita of Casica: rose, crucifix, thorn
  • Roch: angel, dog, bread
  • Rose of Lima: crown of thorns, anchor, city
  • Sebastian: arrows, crown
  • Teresa of Avila: heart, arrow, book
  • Therese of Lisieux: roses entwining a crucifix
  • Thomas Aquinas: chalice monstrance, dove, ox
  • Thomas the Apostle: lance, ax
  • Vincent de Paul: children
  • Vincent Ferer: pulpit, cardinal's hat, trumpet, captives
  • Vitus: cross

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